Wondering how to prepare a simple and delicious meal for your love ones in between your busy schedules? Love Cook comes to the rescue! With the naturally sun-dried noodle and the best selections of ingredients, Love Cook helps you fulfill your dreams of becoming a great home cook! Within 10 minutes in the kitchen, you can bring out a nicely prepared and delicious meal to your families and friends!

Our Dried Noodle Series

There are not many choices for sun-dried noodle available here in US. After doing some research, I found that Love Cook might be one of the best choices I could have here. I ordered and tried all the flavors and I loved the Shallot Flavor most. The noodle had nice texture and thick. I would definitely come back to Love Cook more!

Steve Chien

Chinese dried noodles? My friend introduced me this brand about a couple of weeks ago. I was very curious in the beginning, but I still ordered the authentic flavor and gave it a try. I was very surprised about the quality of the noodle and the flavor from the sauce pack. It was very different from my impression of regular instant noodles that I could find here in the supermarket. I liked it and my families liked it too! I am glad that I found some Asian food that my whole families are interested.

Grayson Enos

I am always adventurous about food. However, when I prepare food in the kitchen, I prefer simplicity with delicious outcome. My friend prepared the spicy flavor of Love Cook sun dried noodle for me a while back and I was instantly hooked. I ordered the spice flavor online and followed the simple steps to prepare for my mom and myself. The outcome was very satisfying. Now I am recommending Love Cook to my friends whenever I can, LOL!

Jim Hughes